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Zip'eMate Personal Die Cutting Machine by AccuCut

Terryfic Times carries the Zip'eMate machine from AccuCut.  You can use the Zip'eMate with the complete line of personal dies as well as the small and large commercial dies from AccuCut.  This versatile machine also works with personal dies from Spellbinders, Sizzix, and QuicKutz.

Not only can you cut out various letters and shapes with the Zip'eMate, but you can also use it to emboss with brass and plastic stencils.



Purple, Blue, Green and Red

Cutting and Embossing Platform
(4 7/8" by 8")
Cutting Platform (Standard Dies) 
(4 7/8" by 8")
Cutting Platform (Zip'eSlim & Sizzix) (4 7/8" by 8")
Cutting Mat (Sizzlits) 
(4 7/8" by 8")

Full Cutting Mat


Embossing Foam
(4 7/8" by 8")

Embossing Mat
(4 7/8" by 8" by 3/32")

Storage Case
(for Zip'eCuts & 
use with top-loading storage sheets for various size dies


Storage Sheet
Alphabet Dies
1" Strips
Storage Sheet
Alphabet Dies
2" Strips
Storage Sheet
Petite Dies
Storage Sheet
Large & Deluxe Dies
Storage Sheet
Super Deluxe Dies
Click on the links for the various alphabet and number sets or dies to see what's available from AccuCut.  Be sure to come back to Terryfic Times to place your order.  All of the Zip'e dies can be used with Spellbinder's Wizard.  Click on the link for more information on the compatibility for Sizzix and QuicKutz systems.
Zip'eCuts Alphabet and Numbers Sets
Many of these sets can be used in three ways:  just the letter, just the frame or the letter and frame together
Zip'eCuts Dies
These wafer-thin dies come in a variety of sizes and styles:  Album Hardware, Brush Stroke, Combo Dies (4 up), Cut 'n Curl, Designed by Pebbles, Inc., Everyday Dies, Family Preserves, Fancy Trims, Itty-Bitty Dies, Vintage Dies, Zip'eClear.  The Zip'e Cut dies are priced at $7 to $18, depending on size. 
Zip'eSlim Alphabet and Numbers Sets
Zip'eSlim dies are low- profile, steel-rule dies with a wood base and durable foam.  These are similar to the Sizzix dies.  Use Zip'eSlims to cut paper, fabric, felt, foam and shrink plastic.  Multiple layers may be cut depending on the die design and material used.
Zip'eSlim Dies
These low-profile, steel-rule dies come in a variety of designs:  Album Hardware, Animals, Baby, Beach, Geometric, Gift Tags, Holidays and Celebrations, Miscellaneous, Religious, School, Seasonal, Sports, Stationery, and Title Blocks.  These range in price from $11 to $25.
Zip'eSnap Alphabet and Numbers Sets
AccuCut's Zip'eSnap dies are the first personal dies that cut and emboss in one step.  The two-part wafer-thin dies have a positive image and a negative image.  
Zip'eSnap Dies
These two-part dies that cut and emboss at the same time are available in a variety of designs:  Around the World, Baby, Decked Out, Frames, Friendship, Hardware, Hearts and Stars, Sea Life, Secret Garden, Summer, Tags, Verse-A-Tag, Winter,, and Words.  Zip'eSnap dies retail for $15.




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Last modified: June 08, 2009