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Lacè Templates

The Lacè templates are similar to the Incire, the Cut And Fold, and the Cut 'N Tuc templates.  All of these are used to add unique designs to your cards and your scrapbook pages.  

Attach the template to your card with removable tape,  Use a sharp craft knife, such as a #16 Exacto knife, to cut each slit.  If the lines are straight, start at the point of the V and go towards the base.  If the lines are curved, start at the base of the shape and follow along that shape.

Remove the template.  Score along the base of each shape.  Fold the cut shapes toward the front of the paper.

Helpful Hint:  Use a #16 Exacto knife and a swivel clip board when using any of the cutting templates.

Some of the Lacè products in stock are shown below.  These templates range in price from $9 to $12.50, depending upon their size and the details of the design.  Many of the designs are being discontinued, so quantities are limited.

Lacè 8

Lacè 17

Lacè 18

Lacè 19

Lacè 20

Lacè 23

Lacè 24



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Last modified: June 08, 2009